Youngster With Amazing Crypto-Mining Setup in His Apartment Bedroom

He must sleep in the living room, I think he said it’s a one bedroom apartment. The room with the mining machins (miners) in it is between 80

Why you shouldn’t do this? For some reason, he says he has a fixed electricity cost. If it weren’t for that, his electricity cost could easily exceed his mining rewards.
Several people commenting on the video said he could make more money growing cannabis than doing cryptcurrency mining.

He shows using 32-38 amps on a couple of wires in the power box in his wall. He said that is under 80% of the capability.

The room thermometer shows 87-88 degrees. He shows himself pointing a heat gun at various points in the room, and some parts over 100. Four fans are used to blow the air from his bedroom to his living room.

He has six mining rigs (each is basically a rack containing multiple mining machines). Most of them are mining either RinCoin or Ethereum.

When you watch the video – note how dusty the room is.

From the video, you can go to his channel “The Life of a Miner” and see other videos where he talks about what how many cryptos he is actually earning. With current prices, it’s hard to tell if he is profitable or not. You have to consider each mining machine can cost $1000-$3000, depending on it’s power and hashrate.

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