PythonSignals announces new name/brand: ToNoIt

February 26, 2020

PythonSignals, a cryptocurrency trend service, has announced that it has a new name and brand called “ToNoIt”.

Marius Landman of Brisbane Australia is running one of the largest, if not the largest, service for predicting future trends in the crypto markets. He uses various algorithms. Apparently some of them were coded in Python, and thus the old name, “Python Signals”. But that name was confusing to many people, and didn’t really give any idea of what the company does.

Images below were captured from a live webinar – so excuse the blur. The actual site will be re-branded very soon.

New Slogans may include

To Know It – is everything.
When you know it, you are successful.
The general concept is that knowledge is power. If you have no clue what the market is going to do next, you don’t whether you should buy or sell.
What if you “know” the future. That changes everything!


Here’s a shot of some of us on the call – me, Neal Walters at the top, with Marius Landman and Ejoke Enaks who is on the staff in Africa. Marius was born in South Africa, but currently lives in Australia. The business is international, and all payments in and out are made by BitCoin (or other coins through


Python Signals Statistics

During the webinar, Gavin Vitor – director of Business Operations, reported the following stats:

27.5% of all subscribers have earned back more than initial subscription. Industry norm is 4% – so the company is doing six times better than the average.
Results are not typical, and this is no promise of income.
How much has Python Signals paid out? As of the January 2020, webinar, the company paid out $2.9 million in commissions and has over 300 Rising Stars (members that sponsored two and those two sponsored two).
NOTE: PythonSignals and ToNoIt does NOT provide financial advise. It shares trend analysis that you can use to make your own financial decisions.
ToNoIt pays referral commissions several levels deep (thus is it a multi-level payout). You can become a member and use the service for your own information, and you can also refer other people in your network. To learn more or join, follow this link: <a target=”_href” href=””></a>

Keywords: “To No It” and “To Know It”

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