Mining Cryptocurrencies using SEO and Human Activities and Gatherings

January 10, 2018

What the heck? How can Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and human activities or people gathering together mine cryptocurrencies?

There is a new system being put together. I can’t disclose all the details yet.

My mentor is putting together a group called Project Platinum, limited to 100 people. We will be building web pages (and perhaps videos and doing social media) related to various activities, similar to what you might see on A large majority of them are family-oriented, fun activities that people are doing already.

This mentor, Matt Trainer, recently made a list of predictions about the future of the internet. We live in a disruptive world, where new technologies rise up over night and kick out the former beast. He says that the normalcy bias is “off the charts,” and things are about to change in a major way. He thinks Google’s time as a search engine is limited. And now, it’s possible for people like you and me to be part of the disruptors. Who would have ever though that Blockbuster Video or Borders Books would be wiped out so soon on the timeline of history. So here are the predictions for the next ten years:

10 years. Max. These are all dead:

1) WordPress (already on its last legs and no one sees it), and it’s entire plugin ecosystem

2) Any and all online shopping carts and shopping cart businesses. Yep ALL shopping carts. “Oh no! What’s Amazon gonna do with all that infrastructure!?” Trust me, they’ve planned ahead and are ready to pull the trigger on the next wave.

3) Websites (they are soon to be nothing more than business cards); thus the entire web design and development as industry will be a thing of the past. Along with it HTML5 is another goner;It was all a farce from the beginning anyway just because of a childish feud between Apple and Adobe.

4) Email autoresponders and ALL email service providers. Regulation killed it and spammers made it not cool anymore. Email is a burden now instead of a cool way to get fast messages.Even SMS marketing of any kind will be totally gone.

5) Credit card merchant processing via gateways (cryptocurrencies will take the place, fees will go down)

6)Video sales letters! Yep, I said it and I can back it up

7) Internet marketing launches

8) Native Ad networks, no one really wants to see any of that crap. It’s ruined the web surfing experience.

9) Webinars of any kind (notice how hard it is now to get people to attend compared to just 3-4 years ago? There’s a blatant reason why…)

10) TWITTER. Dead.

11) and one last boom, all website creation tools and ALL landing page and funnel builders and services. All of them. DEAD I don’t care how big. They are ALL missing the next shift.

I could go on. The list is very long because the Internet has matured enough that people have developed a sense of normal. This is technology. The personal computer was our first love. The mobile phone is the rebound girlfriend. The coming future tech is the wife.

Above is what Matt said. But he is a crazy guy? Well, this is what Clif High, who has been called one of the smartest men in the world said in a recent video interview:

Google and Facebook may not exist in a few years… as they are steeling from advertisers.

However, we will max these resources now before the world knows about this opportunity, and we will use some high end automated SEO (search engine optimization) tools so people find our pages and get involved. The process will also involve gamification (see related article).

Here’s the best part. Matt already have solutions ready to go for all of the above. The lucky 100 will be attending a one day boot camp training/work day in San Diego on January 20, then work hard until April when the business is launches to US/Canada (and will spread to the entire world after that).

This group is no longer open to the public.

Neal Walters

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