Learn More About Three of the Newest Cryptocurrency Exchanges

With the popularity of cryptocurrencies on the rise, consumers are looking for new ways to buy and sell Bitcoin and other digital currencies online. There’s no shortage of exchange companies out there, and new ones are popping up all the time. Those who are new to the cryptocurrency game might want to take a look at their options, which is why this article offers an introduction to Three of the Newest Cryptocurrency Exchanges before they get started.


The VC-backed startup Circle recently announced its plans to create a new kind of crypto cantina. This ambitious project will be facilitated by the company’s recent acquisition of Poloniex, an already popular cryptocurrency exchange that has recently been coming under fire from consumers due to service complaints.

Those who are already taking advantage of Poloniex’s services can expect to see some positive changes thanks to the exchange’s recent acquisition by Circle, which has expressed a desire to offer an entirely new type of exchange system that allows users to access a wide array of cryptocurrencies and tokens.

Introducing Circle X

The key concept behind Circle’s intended changes to Poloniex’s existing services is known as Circle X. This project will, theoretically, allow a far wider array of digital token exchanges representing everything from traditional assets to contractual agreements. The company’s officials believe that this will help to usher in a new world in which cryptocurrency exchanges, stock market exchanges, and cash exchanges can all take place on one platform, connecting the digital world to the real world and making it easier for the average consumer to use cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency tokens.

As Circle X begins to grow, it will give traditional exchanges and alternative trading systems a serious run for their money. The company’s CEO even envisions integrating fiat currencies into the company’s existing product models and already has all of the relationships in place to facilitate exchanges using U.S. dollars, euros, and pounds.

Robinhood – The People’s Cryptocurrency

One current mobile app stock trading provider has recently launched a cryptocurrency trading platform in California, Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana, and New Hampshire. The RobinHood Crypto platform will allow users to buy, sell, and track Bitcoin and 14 other popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin cash, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Monero, and more. The company’s officials have stated that their intent behind creating this new platform was to democratize cryptocurrency trading, allowing more investors to become involved through its web and mobile-based apps.

One of the ways in which this company is making cryptocurrency exchange more accessible is by offering its customers zero commission trading services. The company also recently announced the launch of a new social media-type platform designed to facilitate discussion among the company’s diverse base of investors online in real-time. Although the feed is currently available only to a select number of people, the ultimate goal is to allow all traders and investors using the system to have access to the feed.

KuCoin – A Modern and Secure Platform

Founded by a group of people with a genuine passion for blockchain technologies, KuCoin offers a modern and secure trading platform for those who want to trade between different cryptocurrencies. Its state-of-the-art platform offers users a safe and straightforward means of cryptocurrency conversion coupled with seamless customer service.

Although the company itself is a relative newcomer to the game, the brilliant minds behind its creation have had plenty of experience working with cryptocurrency exchange and the platform it is built upon has been under research and construction since 2011, giving the company plenty of time to iron out the details and make their services as customer-friendly as possible. Everything from registering an account to trading using two-factor authentication is simple enough for just about any user to understand, and the website’s layout has a clean and modern appeal that is difficult to beat.

Compared to other industry players, this company offers remarkably low fees for both trading and withdrawals along with no-fee deposits. Plus, the vast majority of the service’s already minimal fees actually go back to its users in the form of invitation bonuses and general bonuses. In fact, only about ten percent of the money collected from users is retained by the company for trading service fees. When combined with the company’s dedication to customer service and a financial safety and stability, it’s easy to see why so many users are flocking to this new cryptocurrency exchange platform.

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