KarmaKoin – New coin offering on BitShares – Tied to new Game

Did you just hear about KarmaKoin?  The KarmaCoin is insured by gold, kept in a vault under contract with Brinks security.  It is the creation of Matt Trainer and Consumer Reality Services.  Matt has combined the concept of gamification  with cryptocurrency, and decided to make life fun by creating games for people to play.  But these are not ordinary games.  These are games that improve peoples lives in the 5Fs: finances, fitness, family/friends, fun. and faith.

NOTE: This is NOT related to the KaramCoin Online Card Game of the same name.

Matt was inspired by several sources, including:

  1. The Game – 1997 movie with Michael Douglas and Sean Penn
  2. Nerve – 2016 movie starring Emma Roberts and Dave Franco
  3. Ready Player One – novel by Ernest Cline (to be made into a movie in 2018 by Stephen Spielberg).  In this book, set in a distopian future where most kids go to school in a Virtual Reality (VR) world.  The founder of the VR world died, leaving a contest in his will, consisting of three keys and three “gates”.  The winner, would get his entire fortune.  One teenage boy and his friends complete for the prize, facing the “darks side” 6xers, a corporate with Matrix-like “Mr. Anderson” employees who are working together to outsmart them and take over the VR world for their own profit and purposes.
  4. Not as much, but somewhat by cultish “The Institute” or Jejuene Art Project that took place in San Francisco in the 70s.  People got caught up in a game, but it seemed to not be so wholesome.  None of that in our new game.  But it did show people how games are fun, how people love to play, and how people thrive when they are competing.

The Karma Koin will be awarded as prizes and tokens in a game called “Mogul” that is launching on July 4, 2017.  The game will include a phone app and the prizes are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on how many people play.

The KarmaKoin is already trading, and can be seen on the following sites:

  1. https://yobit.net/en/trade/KARMA/BTC (in BitCoin price)
  2. https://bitshares.openledger.info/market/KARMAKOIN_BTS (in BitShares price)

    but note – it might soon have its name changed to Karma Points.

Trailers for the “game” related movies mentioned above




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