Day Trading with Bitcoin on – Up 29% my first two weeks!

June 5, 2017

A few weeks ago, I was looking at various BitCoin opportunities that I had seen advertised. There was one called Gladiacoin that caught my eye, but I was suspicious about it. It might be legit, but it kind of smelled like a Bernie Madoff Ponzi schema based on the latest cryptocurrency craze.

This lead me to discover 1Broker – a trading platform. Now, I’m not a day trader, i.e. I never master the technical skills and the so-called “Greeks” to make my own trading decisions. However, on this platform, you can simply follow any other trader. Some of the top traders made 200-300% return on investment (ROI) in the month of May 2017.

What does it mean to follow them? When you click the follow link, a screen pops up and asks you basically two questions. How many trades per day do you want to make, and how much investment per trade.

One of the concepts of day trading, is how many losing trades can you maek before you go broke? However, these top traders have some smooth moves, and one of them is to limit your losses and let your gains run. In other words, when you make 25 trades, maybe half of them will be losers, but the losers might be for 1%, and the winners will be 1%, 5%, 10% or 25%. Day trading is not for people who cannot handle the small ups and downs.

I cannot promises you any successful results, but i can share with you what I did and what happened with my investment. As a first time user of the system, I put in a small amount of .5 BitCoin (half a Bitcoin, worth about $1200 USD. After my first two weeks, I had .645 BitCoint in my account (so that’s after any fees have already been taken out). That’s a 29% ROI in just two weeks.

I will be ecstatic if that continues. I did the math in a spreadsheet, and at that rate, $1000 will turn into $264,698 in one year if your let it compound at 29% every two weeks (and don’t withdraw any of the profits). At the same time, you are holding BitCoin instead of USD, so there’s a good chance that will continue to rise as well. So if BitCoin itself doubles in the next year, 2x $264,698 = $529.396.

Some of the top traders to follow are 3.14FX, Bruce Lee, and Ambroid.

Sign-up – If you already have BitCoin

If you already have BitCoin, you can try it yourself with this link: 1Broker

If you don’t have BitCoin

If you dont’ have BitCoin yet, I suggest you sign-up with CoinBase. It will take a few days. You will have to create a CoinBase account, and connect it to your Bank Account so you can Buy and Sell BitCoin (based on USD).
If you don’t want to go through that, you can set up a wallet and buy BitCoin from a local dealer.
The video below shows how to follow-through with these steps.


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