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Bitcoin Ben – Most Revealing Video yet about Trump and the economy

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BitCoin Ben – 3/11/2020

Link to Original YouTube Video – for BitCoin Ben’s recommended product links (Vitamin-C, video surveillance, police scanner etc…)

My notes with time markers below:

4:00 Russia/Saudi Arabia – de-tupling of the PetroDollar.

Trump and Russia are killing the PetroDollar.
Saudi Arabia is “screwed”, 4 more royalty.

Like the 70s when we moved off gold standard to PetroDollar.

Trump is destroying Federal reserve and moving it to the Treasury Department.

In the 70s, the used inflation put money into the new PetroDollar.
Trump is reversing that; he is removing inflation pushed toward global structure. Globalist were using the inflation of the Federal Reserve.

Trump is going to push Federal Reserve to zero percent
Trump will launch a 20 year Treasury bond with a high interest rate, if Fed doesn’t drop rate to zero. Just JFK wanted the Kennedy dollar.

Trump will back Treasury bond with the “full faith” of the treasury, including land, energy, and reserves. This will work for a while, but the progressives have another weapon, which is cryptocurrencies.

14:15 When Trump launches 20 year Treasury, it will initially draw in a lot of capital. He will use that to launch emergency currency, which will be the future currency of America.

What does Trump know?
He wants to take Payroll tax to zero!
Why? To reorganize the federal government – back to how America was founded (paid for with Tarriffs, not income taxes).

How do you bring back income tax once you have eliminated it? Nobody would vote for that person or party.

The globalists are “done for”.

18:15 Trump is not rehiring Federal employees when they quit or retire.
He is a Nationalist, and will pump money into American economy.
USD used as global currency is Achilles heal and power of the global elite.

Value of currency he launches will be based
Why did he make “energy independence”?
He knew that Saudi Arabia ran America.
Bushes and Clintons all had Saud Arabia people in their cabinets.

22:45 1980s – to early 2000s – globalists moved manufacturing overseas. All we did in USA was handle global economy.

Education system transitioned to the world that were progressives were leading us into; that’s when college prices starting skyrocketing.
Dept of Ed and Dept of Energy created in the 70s.
The EPA – all these were created using our inflation.
That’s when National Debt started taking off;
they don’t care about it, it’s an illusion or tool that politicians point to argue against legislation they don’t like.

26:20 Printed money has no value unless you can keep it away from the commodities.

Relevant Joke: Who wins the Superbowl every year? The owners.

They have progressives on both sides (both Democractic and Republican party). But Trump is a nationalist, an anti-progressive.

Bernie Sander is a nationalist socialist, not a globalist. That’s why the Democratic party hates Sanders. Trump is a nationalist capitalist.
Drain the swamp – is not just Washington; it’s all over the world.
That’s why UK had Brexit. It was their response to the globalist.

30:25 Progressives planned on destroying Federal Reserve too, and rolling it up to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Mainstream media and Fox will not tell you: Trump is replacing the progressive structure and nationalizing it; he is a federalist.
Trump has already destroyed the old system; this is the transition to the new nationalist system.

32:25 The final battle – after Trump nationalizes the currency, gets rid of income taxes, and based Federal government on Tariffs, that’s when the real war begins. Put your feet in silver, gold, and crypto. Will be a war between Trumps new currency and high interest rate to draw in capital and crypto. Which one will grow quicker?

When Trump wins the election…
According to the globalist plan, Hillary wasn’t supposed to lose, we were supposed to go to war with Russia and lose. That was their “game plan”. That’s why Clinton’s gave tech to Chinese in mid-90s, and why Chinese have backdoors to our military technology.

What happened in Asia (the virus in the news today), is when Trump was not impeached. That was one of globalists last tools.

37:10 China is trying to cut off our supplies (just like the globalist did in World War 2). It’s not going to work; we are energy efficient and have a ton of food. Yes, there will be run onto some hard times, and less trinkets on shelves at Walmart, but basic needs of American public will be okay.

Trump will use inflation to re-build American economy. He is building something like a new “Marshall” plan (the plan that was used to rebuild Europe after World War II).

We have been exporting our inflation; Trump will no use to rebuild road, bridges, factories… American will boom.

41:00 How do your bring the power to the people? Bring the currency to the people, and get rid of taxes (which is just slavery to the government).

Final war will be between nationalist currency, and globalist switch into “technocrats”, such as Elon Musk, CEO of ICE (Intercontinental Exchange).

43:45 They will use cryptos against Trump, and if he uses embraces technology, and “blockchains” Treasury currency and Treasury bonds, then that makes the system honest, not reliant on manipulation.

We are transitioning from an oil-based economy to one of energy.
Humans have always based their currency based on the lowest level of production (initially metal/gold, then petroleum, now at the energy level, we can create material with “pure energy”). The currency will be created at the energy level; a true currency has to have a creation cost.

47:00 World currencies are based on a value-added structure; initially gold, silver and metals – when industrial revolution was based on creating things out of metal. Then we transition into an oil-based global economy; and now to a pure electricity-based global economy, because we can get it cheaply. That’s why oil prices are dropping; because the economy is changing.

You don’t have to fly all over the world to have a meeting; you can work from home using your laptop. Metals didn’t go away when we moved to an oil-based economy, and oil won’t go away as we transition to an energy-based economy…. it will just have less value. BitCoin is based on energy, i.e. the miners and the “hash rate”. Why do you think companies building new crypto mining farms?

Welcome to the future my friends!
It won’t be easy, but you are going to be okay. Don’t freak out, that’s when bad things happen. But plan ahead, look to the future, not the past.

1980s was financialization of America, 2020s will be transition to FinTech and DeFi (Decentralized Finance).

52:15 Leaking rumors that “Ivan on Tech” may be partnering with Universities on training for blockchain. He has courses in BitCoin Ben’s links.