BitCoin Ben – Bites and Bombs – 1 BILLION PEOPLE CAN NOW BUY BITCOIN!!

Most interest bites of information From BitCoin Ben’s March 4 show:

9:24 Get a ham radio/police scanner. That will keep you connected with local news if internet goes down.

15:50 Supreme Court of India – allowing all Indian citizens to buy and own BitCoin and cryptocurrencies. It will take a few months for exchanges to re-open in India. Thus we have 1 billion more people that can come into the crypto-market.

21:30 – rolling back unionized employees at the rail yards
22:45 freight from Asia and Africa and even South America, projected to drop 80% in the next 8 months.

32:15 “They” are timing everything to the halving.
$100,000 BTC by year end, if Trump wins, there will be flood of USD into BitCoin.

34:45 Trump wants interest rates at 0% from Federal Reserve
so when he nationalizes the “Fed” (the federal reserve)…
He can end Federal Reserve Charter with an executive order, then launches the biggest monetary influx of currency into the US that we’ve ever seen (huge stimulus package bigger than past ones).

If you own the top 10 coins, “you’re good”.

If Trump doesn’t win, there will be a big run to the crypocurrency door.

38:45 Don’t you think Trump when unleash something big on Biden at the debate? Do you know how much information Trump has on Biden?

40:00 If Trump loses, the America Frist general will take over.
Trump said: “This is the beginning of the storm”

44:00 America First – start in mid 1990s; when Clinton got rid of a bunch of generals. Must see the video “The Plan to Save America”; two options, win the election, or you don’t want to know what the second option is.

45:45 Bond Rates dropped under 1% for first time ever in history.
Bonds are the Achilles heal of the American Central Banking structure. If bond market goes to hell, “bye bye, we’re done”.
48:50 Watch out for the rest of the week, if bond yields go down, the market is going down. And that is after the emergency rate drop; they may have to have another emergency rate drop; and that will just fuel the fire, and that will launch gold, silver, and cryptos into the atmosphere.

Link to video for his ham radio/police scanner:

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