BitCoin Ben Analyzes the Market and What to do in the Corona Virus Lockdown


11:00 Watch on NetFlix a show callled “Explain” and the Episode called “The Next Pandemic”.
Goes through bird flu, SARS, etc…

Bill Gates’ father was the CEO of planned parenthood.
Ben says :”Bloodlines matter”.
Says it will wipe out one quarter of the total population.

Watch the last things Bill Gates says on the interview. “Read his face”.
You can see it, you can feel it, he says “This prick knows what is coming.”

16:99 People are going to die; the Second wave will be the bad one.
Zero percent interest rate will not save the market, will not save the economic system, will not save the supply chains.
This is the transition that the preppers have been warning about.
You cannot get any silver right now. Yet the price of silver is dropping!

19:00 The Comdex is going to change, Bix Weir is right.
Oil is dropping. Those aren’t the real prices.
The price you see for BitCoin exchanges is not the real price.

22:35 We are going thru the transition;
Trump will point at the Federal Reserve all this week; Trumps goal is not to save the market, but to reconstruct America. Trump will nationalize Federal Reserve, basically kicking out the Globalist; he will bring Fed into the Trasurey using “emergency powers”. He is going to nationalize the US-Dollar or launch a new USD; I think he will nationalize it.

Chat Question: Will delivery trucks continue if we stay home? Yes, your local ecosystem will effect your availability of products.

26:15 We will have a plastics shortage; companies will switch to paper containers.

Remember history! America is productivity wise the productivity of Europe right after World War I. Our industrial base has been wiped out by NAFTA and the progressives.

28:38 I would not be surprised if something like martial law was coming in the next few days. This is going to be epic; don’t freak out, do not panic, be prepared. make sure you home is ready.

30:40 Watch for them to shut down social media, and censor a lot. Watch for Trump to make some very big announcement in next few days or weeks; probably the next few days.
31:24 Don’t worry about cryptos. They are going to be fine. It is not time for cryptos yet. The exchanges have to collapse before the cryptos kick off. I’d say we have about a month and half to two months, maybe a month.

31:30 The exchanges have to reset. I honestly think BitCoin and LiteCoin will drop.
I have been told by people who own exchagnes, that they need them go to down to pre-2017 dollars.
Who is going to buy all these cheap coins? The exchanges are!

38:10 We are in a shit-storm, wrapped inside a tornado, encased in a tornado, during global warning.

43:10 Why have so many countries announced recently that cryptos are now legal in their country?

Remember, this has all been planned, Bix Weir think there is no friend. There is an agenda on both sides, therefore there are plans; whether they work or not, we’ll see. But it’s going to be one hell of a ride.

45:50 When everyone else is frightened and looking for security, those prepared are ready for opportunity; i.e. to see opportunities clearly. … I will continue to purchase cryptocurrencies on a weekly basis. or earn them.
The titanic sank this morning; some of us are the new boat…

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