BitCoin Ben – the Blameless Global Bankruptcy

BitCoin Ben – 3/12/2020 Welcome to the Blamesless Bankruptcy

7:20 The progressives had to create a scenario where the economy could collapse without them getting blamed.

Trump announced last night, if you know what ot listen for, the separation of American from the EU and the global progressive system; Travel Ban from Europe to America.
What else did he say? This does NOT include the UK.

The UK is no longer a member of the European Union.

10:40 We are going to live in two economic systems, a nationalist system and a globalist system. And they will compete.

This morning, the EU did not drop the interest rate; that will push markets down more.

If Federal Reserve does not drop int rates again, Trump will put in procedures to go around them; that’s how he will kick out the Fed and launch an American Currency. He will launch 20 year bonds out of the treasure department. The Treasury Department will use the “plunge protection team”.
The Federal Government has a ton of Federal Reserve notes; they can issue loans and then forgive them.

How will they handle the illusory money held in futures? They will just buy it. Issuing new currency is not trying to collect assets, it will be backed by US Energy, land, and reserves (such as metals). US has a lot of gold (in Grand Canyon, according to RoadToRoota, by Bix Weir).

16:05 When Trump issues 20 year bond, he will buy up anything. He is just “swapping”, he doesn’t care about the asset, that’s irrelevant. He wants to disburse his new currency, to be available everywhere. Maybe a one-for-one swap for Federal Reserve notes, or maybe some ratio like 4 to 1.

17:59 If Fed does not drop interest rate, that shows where they stand; that they are in it to destroy Trump and not help the economy; when they show that, Trump will switch, no longer argue with the Central Bank, but go after them, launching his new currency out of the Treasury Department. He will probably call it an emergency currency or emergency loans.

24:30 Shows his air mask; it’s a hedge against uncertain.
Uncertainty is what you prepare for.
That’s where critical thinking has to come in, you have to think today and plan for tomorrow. But if you educate yourself, critical thinking becomes a must, and becomes easier to do.

28:35 Everything you see with the virus has an agenda. Right now, it is to create an event on which they can blame the global collapse. Separation of the national economy and the globalist economy.

Trump will work with UK and Russia, have trade deals, a preferred economic trading partner in the nationalist unions.

30:15 Globalist economies are going to roll-up their currencies, probably special drawing rights out of the IMF and launch their own currency. Nationalist will “roll” the other way. Globalists “roll up”. Euro was created in the 1990s, and eliminated a lot of local sovereign currencies that “rolled-up” to the Euro.

Trump is removing America from the Globalist currency, ie.. the USD or the “Federal Dollar”.

32:26 How do you know this Ben? How can you be so confident Ben? Who is your source? Ben replies, Who is my source, History! That’s what happened to Rome. Rome went from a known world global currency that Rome controlled, but when Rome crumbled, all the city states isused their own currencies. That is why Trump may do now, if Federal Reserve doesn’t lower the interest rate.
If they do lower the interest rate, Trump will use the inflation that they create to fund the rebuilding of America. If they don’t lower the rate, Trump will launch his own emergency currency, which will evolve into the new American Currency. That is what Andrew Jackson did in the 1800s. History always repeats itself with currencies. It happens every time!

35:50 Trump is going to do what President Lincoln did. What is the emancipation proclamation mean? Emancipation means the forgiving of debt. There will be a lot of debt forgiveness. Lincoln’s emancipation wiped out the debt of indentured servants (not slaves).

38:15 Charts are just human emotions; which are very easily manipulated. The Fibonacci charts are just the representation of human emotions. We haven’t had a day in the market that is so emotional as today in the last 5 years. It is all just an illusion that we all participate in. We put our emotions into it because we see it as money, as an investment.

40:30 We are going thorough a fundamental change right now. The globalist are going to file bankruptcy into a global currency; Trump is going to file bankruptcy into a national currency. That’s the answer! Whenever countries file bankruptcy, they either hyper-inflate or launch a new currency. Will happen over the next 3 to 5 to 6 to 9 months.

42:10 New video with “Ivan on Tech” live on Saturday – check out his Patreon.

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