BitCoin Ben discusses the $1000 “airdrop” announced by Trump

6:00 Referred to the $1000 “aidrop” from Fed Government.
We know that many “aiirdrop” tokens and cryptos are worthless.

7:11 This is the path to kill off a currency.
You “inflate the crap” out of it.
They are basically shutting down the economic engine of America.
Do you change an engine while it is running? No, you have to shut down the car and then change it.

13:45 Trump know: How do you give the power of a country back to the people?
You give the currency control back to the people. You put it inside the treasure, then your currency will be backed by the manufacturing and natural resources of the country.

14:50 We are decoupling from the OPEC of the USD.
In the 70s, we decoupled from Gold, from 73 to 79, we had inflation.
That’s where we are at now.
Eventually we will have price controls.
We will go through all the stuff we went through in the 1970s.
Then Reagan launched the new oil-backed currency, jacked up interest rates, and brought that inflation into then new currency. That’s what the high interest rates of the 80s was.

16:10 This will create situation where new Treasury Dollar is going to have to compete in the open market of currencies, like every other currency. It will regulate the federal government of America, and not get as large as it has in the past.
Back then, all oil in the world has to be purchased with USD; that is all going away, and that is why oil prices are dropping.

Trump and Putin are not friends, but not enemies. The thing they share is they are nationalists. Nationalism vs Globalism has been the biggest battle on the globe for the last 100 years.

19:05 Woodrow Wilson was the original global and progressive.

Progressive has been to replace the American free market economic system with a centrally controlled Keynesian (i.e. communist model, read last chapter of “The Communist Manifesto”).

Nationalist have been trying to fight the progressive movement. WWI got rid of Persia.
WWI – was created to do one thing; re-organize the map, by creating cultural conflict in the oil-rich parts of the world. So progressives could use military put in progressive leadership in these countries.

21:45 WWII – was structured to bring in the “global” government structure.
Because WWI tried to initiate the “League of Nations”, but the nationalist in America blocked it. But WWII lead to the United Nations, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The US Presidents who tried to warn us were Eisenhower, JF Kennedy, Nixon, Reagan,
Watergate was trying to get info on the globalist movement.
JFK wanted to shatter the CIA into a million peices, because it is the brain and the poison of the military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us about.

24:55 Reagan found out with a bullet… GHW Bush was head of CIA. He owned the nightclub of Jack Ruby, who “supposedly” shot JFK.

GHW Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama – all progressives for all these last years…

The Federal Reserves controls the currency, but the real controlling entities are the global banks, elite…

32:30 How do I know? It’s plain as day, and it has happened over and over and over again in history. It happened in Rome, China, Europe in hundreds of years past.

35L40 The $1000 issues to every American citizen over age 18 who filed taxes last year…
This is just the first round; you might get $1000/month for the next foreseeable future. They are just printing it anyway, why not?

40:00 If you want to open (start) a business, then get out your pen and be ready to sign; they are going to start giving out “freaking loans” for business ideas and manufacturing plants.

Anheuser-Busch may start an aluminum can factory.
Most of the aluminum we use for soda cans comes from Turkey.

43:45 Trump will inflate away the debt of America, then launch a new currency out of the Treasury Department. What does that have to do with cryptocurrencies? Who did they hire for the Comptroller of the Currency? Brooks, formerly with CoinBase.

They are going to tokenize the 20 year bond and make it a smart-contract. That’s how Trump will guarantee the payout of the bond for those that invest in it. It will be a “reconstruction bond” to help reconstruct the USA.

48:00 XRP will work with the progressive/globalist banking structure, such as IMF will work with XRP. Bit XRP won’t last long, because the globalist structure will fall apart and die. It cannot exist in an environment of free competition. That’s why USD has had power and value, because the US Military was behind it. What military will the globalist use to threaten countries to use their currency?

So XRP will go up for a while, but be sure to sell at the top – if you can catch it.

55:10 – Are the banks going away? As we know it, but the future banks will be like CoinBase and Gemini. Banks are smart enough to transition.

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