Bitcoin Ben – Bites – “Crypto Investors Front Run the Herd”

Highlights of BitCoin Ben Videos – I take you straight the juicy stuff including time markers (minutes:seconds).

4:30 – If you front-run the herd, you will be successful in life.

5:00 See video on RoadToRoota – with Bix Weir and clif High, and Clif gets emotional at the end and cries (like seeing your father or grandfather cry). He is logical and doesn’t hype-up things.
Topic was what is going on in Asia, and how quickly the virus is spreading.

10:15 Origins of information is no longer from main stream media, we here or internet or Twitter first.

He like channels X22, Cliff, Bix, LiteCoin Lisa, Rice Crypto…
See Praying Medic
They all work so hard on their credibility.

14:00 Mainstream media is about a month to a month and a half behind us (the internet), after we’ve been talking about it all that time.

15:00 We in the CryptoCurrency space are the preppers of the economic system.

Puts up slide/share at 17:25

Front run in order
1. Self
2. Family
3. Local
4. State
5. Federal
6. Global

Crypto is front-running globally.

19:00 Are more jobs going global than going local?

20:30 I’m putting Crypto and non-Crypto remote jobs in my Patreon, because that’s where it’s all going.
This is going to happen extremely quickly.

23:00 How are you going to make money through this transition.
What is going on in Asia will speed up the transition.

25:00 When preparing for an emergency, start with self (health, job, mental, mindset).

27:10 USNEA – he has a link for this supplement which is $22. This is his link:…

It expels mucous out of your lungs very violently.
It is not pleasant, but it is effective.
Get some for emergency use; key is to keep your lungs clear.
Chaga Mushrooms make your lungs slick so the virus doesn’t attach.
They way it kills you, is that it fills you lungs up with mucous and fluids and you drown.

36:30 In emergency, you want to go the other direction, purchase globally first, then move down the list.

38:305 People in line at CostCo – the first wave of the heard. Mainstream Media will push this.
Their agenda is to get Trump out of office.
The time bomb is BitCoin. And they have to speed it up because of Trump.
They cannot stop the BitCoin adoption rate.

42:10 China was removing rail tracks and tearing up roads so people couldn’t leave city.
If it was fake, they would not go to such lengths.

45;25 2020-2024 will be “some crazy ass years”.
We are at the forefront, the crest, of the beginning.

46:20 The end all, be all of currency is a global; it is called BitCoin, Litecoin, decentralized energy-based currency. Doesn’t mean DIVI, ETH, etc… won’t also have value. Most of his cryptos are in LiteCoin, because the retail herds will move there (where as the earlier adopter herds are already there).
BAKKT – is algorithmically over the networks, will use digital created exchanges of value that are backed and redeemed and coded into authentication to link with BitCoin (like the Lightning Network, due to “Segregated Witness.” There will be many networks, each that lead to different communities, and they will be “interoperability” between them.

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