Best Corona Virus Video – March 2, 2020 Clif High breaks into tears on Bix Weir interview

Bix Weir interviews Clif High – 03/02/2020

3:30 Two high school students self-isolated Bothel school closed.
Deep web suggests a natural protein for engineered for long duration incapsulatia.
Was afraid of a virus based on biotin (stuff that surrounds mushroom spores).

6:00 Viruses don’t normally jump from species to species.

6:30 We will never have a vaccine.
Virus seems to be stable, i.e. doesn’t seem to be prone to mutations
(i.e. more indications that is is engineered)
which is a good thing, because we can learn about it.

It has four signatures: Corona Virus (any mammal with advanced Vega system) – won’t go to dogs
Body makes immmunal response protein based on shape of virus. This is presenting corona virus enveloped, with either HIV, MERS, or SARS inclusion, but not all 3 presented to your body at the same time.

10:40 Saw one video of guy walking through Wuhan apartment, where 104 apartments, and only one still occupied.

12:30 – Supply chains being impacted
14:45 – Factory worker – described his town as a ghost town, thinks his factory maybe down for a year or two.
Bix gives example of how something like an iPhone or a car consists of hundreds or thousands of little parts that are probably produced in China.

20:55 Rumor that Tom Cruise is in quarantine from exposure in Mission Impossible film.
So Hollywood maybe

Rumors that Pope has it, Queen of England and her husband have it.
Will lose most Democratic candidates and elite die off. Not sure there will be an election.

Will be 3-5 years before we come out of this.

23:00 China mobilized as if it were a bio-weapon from day 1, mobilized like nobody has ever done before. Carbon Footprint has decreased 25% in 3 weeks, and maybe another 25% in the next 3-4 weeks.

25:15 Bix: banks invested in China.
Clif: The phony falls away; this is a humanity level crisis. A number of companies and individuals will just say “F***” it.
Both: Three people in supply chain of Apple left last week. People “bugging out”.
27:00 All humans at some point in their life will be exposed to it. maybe 60-70% of people exposed will get it. 76% will have very mild symptoms. People in late 20s and 40s in Iran dying. Bio-weapons designed to take out military age and women with high testosterone levels. 1st wave will clear out senior management and those who get things done, and workaholics, first-responders, doctors and nurses will be devastated (9 out of 10 removed). Second wave, many will die because the systems will fail because of those with talent died in the first wave. People who get it once get no immunity, because of the three phases of it (see above).

31:00 Cliff – what is killing people now is pneumonia. It’s not shutting down kidneys; pneumonia is viral – fills up your lungs with fluid. Ahead of that, it has weakened your to bacteria and amoebas. You may get bacterial pneumonia or even amoeba infestation. You basically drown in your fluids.
We need to harden to virus, and protect against secondary which are actual proximate cause of death.

33:00 Any Vitamin-C you can get is good (Lyposomal is good).
Clif has a sign at his property gate – “No mask no entry”.

35:50 Clif: You won’t be able to cash out a 401K; our banking system is shot,
if we go into national lockdown… all our political parties and banking structure will collapse and have to be re-built from scratch.

36:50 Difficult for a male taking charge of a family to accept, take this on board, internalize it, and not hide out in a catatonic state.

Iranian high council, 9 of them have it; all those in the room with the Ayatollah.
Most people who have flown in last 60 days will die.

Bix: Assume everybody will get it at some point.
38:00 Clif: We don’t know – on survival/death rate…

I expect 70% will get it, and high number of males will die from age 10 and up, because no in-built defense. Trump this may dampen down as Vitamin-D goes up in spring/summer, although we still be dealing with it. That’s way seasonal flu goes away and re-births in fall…
Take 10K to 15K units/day all winter. Vita-C in huge amounts may help you.

41:00 Diet of population makes a difference. Mongolian herdsmen (lot of meat/dairy, low carbs) are not dying like Wuhan people.

No better anti-viral mushroom than Chaga – it will help prevent, but won’t help after you get it (but you can still take it). Certain berries are anti-pneumonia, learn to breathe all the way down into your abdomens. Deep breathe once an hour, get rid of any potential for “this stuff” to accumulate.

USNEA – a Lichen on tree … huge expectorant. (This is what BitCoin Ben mentioned).

C60 – take regular doses. People who take it don’t get sick. It is anti-viral in how it cleans out the cells.
That’s why Chaga works…

47:15 Weakness of the virus – if you can get something off the shelf that prevents phases from replicating. Chaga – Take no more than one gram a day for any adult (more can cause shutdown kidneys and give kidney stones). For children – make a tea, then dilute in 1/2, then give child one tablespoon. If no effect, build them up slowly…

50:20 On March 6th, we enter the severe shortage stage. We are already there with a lot of medicines.
Those will impact officialdom, and they will escalate to a greater level of crisis.
May take them while to recognize it as a bio-weapon.
Martial law may kick in, but we need it.

By March 31, politics won’t matter. So many of the senior democratic elite will be sick, quarantined, or dead, or self-isolating that they won’t pop-up to stay “squat”. Faces on TV/Media will disappear; people won’t walk out of their apartment.

54:00 Change whole social order for probably 3-5 years, no public anything.
Will internet stay up?
54:10 Clif: In my opinion, that will be the major priority of civil service; keep electricity on, sewage and water, and foods flowing. We will go to real food that we can produce here. Many nations cannot do that.

55:20 We are only two months into this now. Four if you count Oct 19 when patient one came out of that lab.

56:09 Clif break down crying, says: I didn’t want to be right.

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