Clif High – Chaga Mushroom and Vitamin C and D3 – Key to Corona Virus

PART #3: Harden Yourself for “Year Zero!” (Clif High & Bix Weir)

Normalcy Bias –
Chinese Communist party has to blame this on somebody;
restricting export of Corona Virus drugs to US;
so projections of war between China and US may happen;
if it does happen, it will be a “freaky” war with military’s that are 30% capable because of the virus.

It is a bio-weapon – it took out the whole global economy in less than 5 months; that is not a disease. SARS was an engineered weapon from same lab, same people.

4:00 Accidental or deliberate?
If deliberate, maybe was a tatus quo breaker to break up power blocks in China itself.

5;00 Deep Web “IRON” – Internet Really Onion Network –
difficult to maintain continuity there;
whistle-blowers use it.

March 1, this PO Box was active with Chinese chatter, too much to translate, but what I did translate was very illuminating.
Document about truckloads of ascsorbic acid (Vitamin C) being sent to Navy bases, phone camera videos of them offloading, and other welding the gates shut. Video taken Dec 9th.

Bix asked – is that what they were spraying in the streets?

All human should have a certain level of Vitamin C, ou could engineer a weapon to get rid of people whose Vit-C is below a certain level. You could target any Vitamin Deficiency.
Common root stock for all bio-weapons is the Corona Virus – the common cold. If you have Vita-C and D, you rarely get it.

8:50 How does Chaga mushroom attack the virus?
Someone put out early description of protein, 3 odd segments, one of them matched almost one-for-one to HIV.
He looked for anti-virals that would inhibit HIV replication.
And the most effective, over and over, is Chaga mushrooms.
Scandinavian countries use Chaga to inhibit HIV.

11:30 March 1, our evidence went away, because China reconnected their main router to a new portal, that has so much filters on it, that nothing is getting out.

12:40 Doctors are dying in Italy now, 20% of them are suffering. Before March 1 numbers, hearing numbers of 800,000 dead that CCP new about, and had to deal with in Hubei province.

Funeral homes and crematoriums can’t deal with the volume.

Space photos from Iran – acres of rows of trenchs being dug and being backfilled with bodies and lye. Looks like 4-5 feet deep, Cliff was saying should be 9 feet; maybe they were counting on the lye.

One anecdotal report from Iran, a corner of one of those trenches was 30 feet away from his house.

16:05 Cognitive dissonance – people don’t know how to react.
Testing is ridiculous; they were trying not to test to hide what is going on. Bix was schedule to go to Hawaii; and he was told they didn’t have the virus there. But today, they announced that they only tested 32 people. They have ability to do over 500 a week.

17:40 Clif says his approach is “atypical”. His approach is different. Do away with testing and quarantine; quarantine is a medieval approach, and it mostly failed in the plague, and is failing now.

18:10 Virus has a 15 foot, 4.5 meter spread just in breathing the air. It is light enough to float 15 feet.

The phrase “wouldn’t touch that with a 10 foot pole” came from plague victims.

19:27 This weapon does its infectious action long before any symptoms. You get huge amounts of virus in your throat at same time it is invading you. They estimate if you get it, within 12 hours, you are infectious to everyone around, and you don’t have any symptoms for 12 days.

21:00 If you go to doctor, they just treat you for symptoms.

If President asked you what to do, what owuld you tell poeple.
Test everyone in US for Vita-C and Vita-D levels. If they don’t meet certain minimum levels, need to be encouraged to take it or go into quarantine until you do.

So not matter what, you are probably going to come in contact with it; we must live with for the rest of humanity or until this thing dies on its own for lack of victims (it can’t live on its own, cannot go to animals).

22:50 This thing won’t allow you antibodies. It is engineered… he has document on twitter on bioweapons… does not produce epigenetic immune antibodies, so you can get re-infected.
Fatality rate for second infection is nearly 100%.

Bioweapon might target military age men primarily.

24:55 Do you think it was Chinese origin?
Not entirely; it leads from Yale Medical school, MIT, via a couple of companies, to a Canadian lab that ties to Tavastock and a Bill Gates funded firm in England. People involved, with CCP, transported viles of this material to Wuhan lab illegally; they have been arrested and are in custody in the US.

26:10 Regular Corona/cold – gets better in summer, people get outside and get more Vitamin-D. Covid-19 is going mad in tropical places, so don’t expect summer to make a different.

Clif cannot reach his Chinese cousins, none of them are responding. And most were near Hong Kong.
Here’s horror stories from Taiwan, that 85% of 15 Million people in Woohan died.

30:30 Another way you can tell it is a bioweapon, it is resistant by UltraViolet rays (but not continuous UV which can kill it).

Lives in cracks and crevices in your shoes, maybe 9 or 10 days.
Crock style shoes banned in Chinese hospitals, because they are porous, like little lungs sucking it in and blowing it out.

Kung Fu shoes – two layers of cotton, and rigid plastic, no micropores.

32:45 It is dangerous, persistent, rugid, hardend, but we know it’s key – which is 22 mg of Vita-C per pound (of your body weight) daily. Chinese think eating 20 1-gram tablets of low-grade ascorbic acid per day is better than 4 or 5 per day.
Maybe they are using lyposomal…

35:00 Bix – (while Clif takes break) – China is not shipping anything, so new iPhones, cars, for some time. Can’t expect our normal items that we buy to be on the shelves.

Not shipping drugs out of China – may have been a hollow boast, they couldn’t ship it if they wanted to.

Old iPhones might be worth a lot of money, if no new ones made.

Step grandfather saw WWII coming, he bought every tire he could get his hands on, and filled two garages and a warehouse full; then he did well selling them when there was a rubber shortage.

38:30 This is why it was so important to break through cognitive dissonance and mental barriers early; we have not experienced it yet.

We have not left the horizontal axis yet – as to how this is going to hit it. Schools shut down until April 24, but I can tell you it’s more like April 24 next year.

Until we face it is a bioweapon, and you can’t run away from it; is to harden yourselves individually and act as firebreaks in its progression, assume you are going to get exposed and say ‘who cares’ if you have enough Vitamin C and Chaga in you.

Trump is a germaphobe – and most of them are pretty solid suppllementers (taking Vitamins and supplements).

42:00 Anecdotal story about people in their 20s that took his protocol anti-viral cocktail. (Works for cold and flu as well).

Ounce of whiskey or vodka, with 500 mg vita-C powder, 2 mg Chaga, and 1 mg Elderberry (want ratio 1 to 2 Elderberry to Chaga, as Chaga tends to amplify itself). Infuses your system, gives you a flush. See his Twitter feed.

Chaga seems to be synergistic with Vita-C, they each boost the others capabilities.

Clif takes 5 grams of Vita-C per day of lyposomal.

45:25 Web Bot (old reports from Clif High) – three attempts to restart monetary system after it crashed.

46:23 Peak Prosperity guy, Chris Martinson, amazing guy, putting out tremendous stuff; it doesn’t have to be this way.

We don’t get “novel viruses” on this planet; they are only engineered. It’s helpful to know it as a bioweapon.

If you release a bioweapon, you must have a key built into it, to protect your own soldiers. To be able to resurrect the power structure from near death, and put them to work as your slaves ruling the population, so you don’t have to conquer and kill a lot of people beyond that.

If the victim discover the key, we can take the key and not get hurt when you invade, able to fight back.

49:00 Some toke 50,000 Vita-D, that’s a big hit (professional grade). Three kids took it; make it warm and fuzzy and makes you want to sleep, then they come back and they are good.

Routine supplementers of Vita-C, routinely take D3 plus K vitamins. Must have D in you so Vita-C is not used up instantly.

51:30 Clif is coming up with a PureSleep herbal product.
Also pumps up Human Growth Hormone levels.
Also good for kids with “intensity” issues, and keeps them more calm the next day.

53:50 Another web-bot prediction from the past (1997), sun diseases days, America converting itself, would be home to planetary wide resource of organic/herbal production.

57:41 We still have a broad outline of those datasets (his WebBot reports/research) that I believe are still valid;
a depression in 2021, emergency of sci-fi world that lifts us out of that depression (release of hidden technologies). May involve collapse of Chinese communist party, and restructuring of China, or collapse of China as a nation, breaking it up into multiple nations; may involve Chinese party getting into war with us (as both of our forces degrade), or none of that may occur, and the countries rattle their swords but too week to slap them at each other. Never suggested that China would recover from it. There was some language that it was respiratory, that would impact China but not travel too far out of China. I don’t have datasets now… Maybe it meant that it would not “travel well” outside of China. It would be old medical thinking and techniques that cure it (para-immunity).

1:02:00 There’s no downside to taking Chaga and Vitamin-C.

Quarantine – groups of 250 people? Does the virus respect that number. Why not 118, or 79? Ridiculous.
Nothing will work, so you have to build your defenses.

1:06:00 If 3% of population of US, and survive, then the others will follow. it only took 3% of people to initiate, fight and win the revolutionary war.

1:07:11 – Cliff shows his “tight” stomach and pounds on it; said he feels thinner than at his peak when he was in this 40s, doing martial arts 4 days a week, and didn’t have the endurance that he has now. … talks diet…

1:09:15 The system died March 1st, it’s time to get rid of the corpse.

1:11:00 Seeing a lot of houses for sell, especially tourist industry rentals.

Ethereum 2.0 and the Future of Money – Vitalik Buterin Talks with BlockTV News in Paris

March 4, 2019 video:

Phase 0 launches the beacon chain is in late development and optimization. Expect it to launch in the summer; then proof of stake will finally be will.
Phase 1 brings sharding of data, then after that the rest of the Eth 2.0 road map.

??? is almost done, just an implementation challenge now.

Rollups have gotten a lot of interest; the scaling technique which keeps transaction data on chain but in a very compress form, but pushes computation off chain.
Two methods: ZK-Rollup and then Optimistic Rollup.

They are NOT just scaling payments, but something equivalent to the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

ZK-Rollups, and Luperin recently launached a ZK-Rollup of their non-custodial exchange.
Theoretically they can do up to 2500 transactions/second as long as everyong becomes a Luperin user.

I expect both of those tech’s to make a big difference in next two years o rmore.

4:20 A lot of progress on Zero Knowledge Proofs…

This month a lot of quiet work going on to do zero knowledge proofs for general computation, which will be great for any ZK-Rollup…
Also great for something else I’m excited about is the growth of privacy.

5:45 A lot of applications that have migrated to private chains are going to become viable on the public chain going forward, as they were formerly limited by 15 transactions per second. Rollup allows about 2500 to 3000 transactions/second, and sharding up to 2,000 to 10,000 a second, and they can be used together to multiply gains. So doing things on main block chain will soon be good enough for many enterprise applications.

7:38 Where is digital currency going? All those will continue to exist. Trend is to more and more digitization (move to blockchains).
Main challenge has been concetnration of power and data collection, central immediaries with a fine degree of control of who can participate and who can’t.
Things that are perfectly legal have often been restricted by these choke points that want to exclude some category of users.

BitCoin Ben discusses the $1000 “airdrop” announced by Trump

6:00 Referred to the $1000 “aidrop” from Fed Government.
We know that many “aiirdrop” tokens and cryptos are worthless.

7:11 This is the path to kill off a currency.
You “inflate the crap” out of it.
They are basically shutting down the economic engine of America.
Do you change an engine while it is running? No, you have to shut down the car and then change it.

13:45 Trump know: How do you give the power of a country back to the people?
You give the currency control back to the people. You put it inside the treasure, then your currency will be backed by the manufacturing and natural resources of the country.

14:50 We are decoupling from the OPEC of the USD.
In the 70s, we decoupled from Gold, from 73 to 79, we had inflation.
That’s where we are at now.
Eventually we will have price controls.
We will go through all the stuff we went through in the 1970s.
Then Reagan launched the new oil-backed currency, jacked up interest rates, and brought that inflation into then new currency. That’s what the high interest rates of the 80s was.

16:10 This will create situation where new Treasury Dollar is going to have to compete in the open market of currencies, like every other currency. It will regulate the federal government of America, and not get as large as it has in the past.
Back then, all oil in the world has to be purchased with USD; that is all going away, and that is why oil prices are dropping.

Trump and Putin are not friends, but not enemies. The thing they share is they are nationalists. Nationalism vs Globalism has been the biggest battle on the globe for the last 100 years.

19:05 Woodrow Wilson was the original global and progressive.

Progressive has been to replace the American free market economic system with a centrally controlled Keynesian (i.e. communist model, read last chapter of “The Communist Manifesto”).

Nationalist have been trying to fight the progressive movement. WWI got rid of Persia.
WWI – was created to do one thing; re-organize the map, by creating cultural conflict in the oil-rich parts of the world. So progressives could use military put in progressive leadership in these countries.

21:45 WWII – was structured to bring in the “global” government structure.
Because WWI tried to initiate the “League of Nations”, but the nationalist in America blocked it. But WWII lead to the United Nations, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The US Presidents who tried to warn us were Eisenhower, JF Kennedy, Nixon, Reagan,
Watergate was trying to get info on the globalist movement.
JFK wanted to shatter the CIA into a million peices, because it is the brain and the poison of the military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us about.

24:55 Reagan found out with a bullet… GHW Bush was head of CIA. He owned the nightclub of Jack Ruby, who “supposedly” shot JFK.

GHW Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama – all progressives for all these last years…

The Federal Reserves controls the currency, but the real controlling entities are the global banks, elite…

32:30 How do I know? It’s plain as day, and it has happened over and over and over again in history. It happened in Rome, China, Europe in hundreds of years past.

35L40 The $1000 issues to every American citizen over age 18 who filed taxes last year…
This is just the first round; you might get $1000/month for the next foreseeable future. They are just printing it anyway, why not?

40:00 If you want to open (start) a business, then get out your pen and be ready to sign; they are going to start giving out “freaking loans” for business ideas and manufacturing plants.

Anheuser-Busch may start an aluminum can factory.
Most of the aluminum we use for soda cans comes from Turkey.

43:45 Trump will inflate away the debt of America, then launch a new currency out of the Treasury Department. What does that have to do with cryptocurrencies? Who did they hire for the Comptroller of the Currency? Brooks, formerly with CoinBase.

They are going to tokenize the 20 year bond and make it a smart-contract. That’s how Trump will guarantee the payout of the bond for those that invest in it. It will be a “reconstruction bond” to help reconstruct the USA.

48:00 XRP will work with the progressive/globalist banking structure, such as IMF will work with XRP. Bit XRP won’t last long, because the globalist structure will fall apart and die. It cannot exist in an environment of free competition. That’s why USD has had power and value, because the US Military was behind it. What military will the globalist use to threaten countries to use their currency?

So XRP will go up for a while, but be sure to sell at the top – if you can catch it.

55:10 – Are the banks going away? As we know it, but the future banks will be like CoinBase and Gemini. Banks are smart enough to transition.

BitCoin Ben Analyzes the Market and What to do in the Corona Virus Lockdown


11:00 Watch on NetFlix a show callled “Explain” and the Episode called “The Next Pandemic”.
Goes through bird flu, SARS, etc…

Bill Gates’ father was the CEO of planned parenthood.
Ben says :”Bloodlines matter”.
Says it will wipe out one quarter of the total population.

Watch the last things Bill Gates says on the interview. “Read his face”.
You can see it, you can feel it, he says “This prick knows what is coming.”

16:99 People are going to die; the Second wave will be the bad one.
Zero percent interest rate will not save the market, will not save the economic system, will not save the supply chains.
This is the transition that the preppers have been warning about.
You cannot get any silver right now. Yet the price of silver is dropping!

19:00 The Comdex is going to change, Bix Weir is right.
Oil is dropping. Those aren’t the real prices.
The price you see for BitCoin exchanges is not the real price.

22:35 We are going thru the transition;
Trump will point at the Federal Reserve all this week; Trumps goal is not to save the market, but to reconstruct America. Trump will nationalize Federal Reserve, basically kicking out the Globalist; he will bring Fed into the Trasurey using “emergency powers”. He is going to nationalize the US-Dollar or launch a new USD; I think he will nationalize it.

Chat Question: Will delivery trucks continue if we stay home? Yes, your local ecosystem will effect your availability of products.

26:15 We will have a plastics shortage; companies will switch to paper containers.

Remember history! America is productivity wise the productivity of Europe right after World War I. Our industrial base has been wiped out by NAFTA and the progressives.

28:38 I would not be surprised if something like martial law was coming in the next few days. This is going to be epic; don’t freak out, do not panic, be prepared. make sure you home is ready.

30:40 Watch for them to shut down social media, and censor a lot. Watch for Trump to make some very big announcement in next few days or weeks; probably the next few days.
31:24 Don’t worry about cryptos. They are going to be fine. It is not time for cryptos yet. The exchanges have to collapse before the cryptos kick off. I’d say we have about a month and half to two months, maybe a month.

31:30 The exchanges have to reset. I honestly think BitCoin and LiteCoin will drop.
I have been told by people who own exchagnes, that they need them go to down to pre-2017 dollars.
Who is going to buy all these cheap coins? The exchanges are!

38:10 We are in a shit-storm, wrapped inside a tornado, encased in a tornado, during global warning.

43:10 Why have so many countries announced recently that cryptos are now legal in their country?

Remember, this has all been planned, Bix Weir think there is no friend. There is an agenda on both sides, therefore there are plans; whether they work or not, we’ll see. But it’s going to be one hell of a ride.

45:50 When everyone else is frightened and looking for security, those prepared are ready for opportunity; i.e. to see opportunities clearly. … I will continue to purchase cryptocurrencies on a weekly basis. or earn them.
The titanic sank this morning; some of us are the new boat…

BitCoin Ben – the Blameless Global Bankruptcy

BitCoin Ben – 3/12/2020 Welcome to the Blamesless Bankruptcy

7:20 The progressives had to create a scenario where the economy could collapse without them getting blamed.

Trump announced last night, if you know what ot listen for, the separation of American from the EU and the global progressive system; Travel Ban from Europe to America.
What else did he say? This does NOT include the UK.

The UK is no longer a member of the European Union.

10:40 We are going to live in two economic systems, a nationalist system and a globalist system. And they will compete.

This morning, the EU did not drop the interest rate; that will push markets down more.

If Federal Reserve does not drop int rates again, Trump will put in procedures to go around them; that’s how he will kick out the Fed and launch an American Currency. He will launch 20 year bonds out of the treasure department. The Treasury Department will use the “plunge protection team”.
The Federal Government has a ton of Federal Reserve notes; they can issue loans and then forgive them.

How will they handle the illusory money held in futures? They will just buy it. Issuing new currency is not trying to collect assets, it will be backed by US Energy, land, and reserves (such as metals). US has a lot of gold (in Grand Canyon, according to RoadToRoota, by Bix Weir).

16:05 When Trump issues 20 year bond, he will buy up anything. He is just “swapping”, he doesn’t care about the asset, that’s irrelevant. He wants to disburse his new currency, to be available everywhere. Maybe a one-for-one swap for Federal Reserve notes, or maybe some ratio like 4 to 1.

17:59 If Fed does not drop interest rate, that shows where they stand; that they are in it to destroy Trump and not help the economy; when they show that, Trump will switch, no longer argue with the Central Bank, but go after them, launching his new currency out of the Treasury Department. He will probably call it an emergency currency or emergency loans.

24:30 Shows his air mask; it’s a hedge against uncertain.
Uncertainty is what you prepare for.
That’s where critical thinking has to come in, you have to think today and plan for tomorrow. But if you educate yourself, critical thinking becomes a must, and becomes easier to do.

28:35 Everything you see with the virus has an agenda. Right now, it is to create an event on which they can blame the global collapse. Separation of the national economy and the globalist economy.

Trump will work with UK and Russia, have trade deals, a preferred economic trading partner in the nationalist unions.

30:15 Globalist economies are going to roll-up their currencies, probably special drawing rights out of the IMF and launch their own currency. Nationalist will “roll” the other way. Globalists “roll up”. Euro was created in the 1990s, and eliminated a lot of local sovereign currencies that “rolled-up” to the Euro.

Trump is removing America from the Globalist currency, ie.. the USD or the “Federal Dollar”.

32:26 How do you know this Ben? How can you be so confident Ben? Who is your source? Ben replies, Who is my source, History! That’s what happened to Rome. Rome went from a known world global currency that Rome controlled, but when Rome crumbled, all the city states isused their own currencies. That is why Trump may do now, if Federal Reserve doesn’t lower the interest rate.
If they do lower the interest rate, Trump will use the inflation that they create to fund the rebuilding of America. If they don’t lower the rate, Trump will launch his own emergency currency, which will evolve into the new American Currency. That is what Andrew Jackson did in the 1800s. History always repeats itself with currencies. It happens every time!

35:50 Trump is going to do what President Lincoln did. What is the emancipation proclamation mean? Emancipation means the forgiving of debt. There will be a lot of debt forgiveness. Lincoln’s emancipation wiped out the debt of indentured servants (not slaves).

38:15 Charts are just human emotions; which are very easily manipulated. The Fibonacci charts are just the representation of human emotions. We haven’t had a day in the market that is so emotional as today in the last 5 years. It is all just an illusion that we all participate in. We put our emotions into it because we see it as money, as an investment.

40:30 We are going thorough a fundamental change right now. The globalist are going to file bankruptcy into a global currency; Trump is going to file bankruptcy into a national currency. That’s the answer! Whenever countries file bankruptcy, they either hyper-inflate or launch a new currency. Will happen over the next 3 to 5 to 6 to 9 months.

42:10 New video with “Ivan on Tech” live on Saturday – check out his Patreon.

Bitcoin Ben – Most Revealing Video yet about Trump and the economy

BitCoin Ben – 3/11/2020

Link to Original YouTube Video – for BitCoin Ben’s recommended product links (Vitamin-C, video surveillance, police scanner etc…)

My notes with time markers below:

4:00 Russia/Saudi Arabia – de-tupling of the PetroDollar.

Trump and Russia are killing the PetroDollar.
Saudi Arabia is “screwed”, 4 more royalty.

Like the 70s when we moved off gold standard to PetroDollar.

Trump is destroying Federal reserve and moving it to the Treasury Department.

In the 70s, the used inflation put money into the new PetroDollar.
Trump is reversing that; he is removing inflation pushed toward global structure. Globalist were using the inflation of the Federal Reserve.

Trump is going to push Federal Reserve to zero percent
Trump will launch a 20 year Treasury bond with a high interest rate, if Fed doesn’t drop rate to zero. Just JFK wanted the Kennedy dollar.

Trump will back Treasury bond with the “full faith” of the treasury, including land, energy, and reserves. This will work for a while, but the progressives have another weapon, which is cryptocurrencies.

14:15 When Trump launches 20 year Treasury, it will initially draw in a lot of capital. He will use that to launch emergency currency, which will be the future currency of America.

What does Trump know?
He wants to take Payroll tax to zero!
Why? To reorganize the federal government – back to how America was founded (paid for with Tarriffs, not income taxes).

How do you bring back income tax once you have eliminated it? Nobody would vote for that person or party.

The globalists are “done for”.

18:15 Trump is not rehiring Federal employees when they quit or retire.
He is a Nationalist, and will pump money into American economy.
USD used as global currency is Achilles heal and power of the global elite.

Value of currency he launches will be based
Why did he make “energy independence”?
He knew that Saudi Arabia ran America.
Bushes and Clintons all had Saud Arabia people in their cabinets.

22:45 1980s – to early 2000s – globalists moved manufacturing overseas. All we did in USA was handle global economy.

Education system transitioned to the world that were progressives were leading us into; that’s when college prices starting skyrocketing.
Dept of Ed and Dept of Energy created in the 70s.
The EPA – all these were created using our inflation.
That’s when National Debt started taking off;
they don’t care about it, it’s an illusion or tool that politicians point to argue against legislation they don’t like.

26:20 Printed money has no value unless you can keep it away from the commodities.

Relevant Joke: Who wins the Superbowl every year? The owners.

They have progressives on both sides (both Democractic and Republican party). But Trump is a nationalist, an anti-progressive.

Bernie Sander is a nationalist socialist, not a globalist. That’s why the Democratic party hates Sanders. Trump is a nationalist capitalist.
Drain the swamp – is not just Washington; it’s all over the world.
That’s why UK had Brexit. It was their response to the globalist.

30:25 Progressives planned on destroying Federal Reserve too, and rolling it up to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Mainstream media and Fox will not tell you: Trump is replacing the progressive structure and nationalizing it; he is a federalist.
Trump has already destroyed the old system; this is the transition to the new nationalist system.

32:25 The final battle – after Trump nationalizes the currency, gets rid of income taxes, and based Federal government on Tariffs, that’s when the real war begins. Put your feet in silver, gold, and crypto. Will be a war between Trumps new currency and high interest rate to draw in capital and crypto. Which one will grow quicker?

When Trump wins the election…
According to the globalist plan, Hillary wasn’t supposed to lose, we were supposed to go to war with Russia and lose. That was their “game plan”. That’s why Clinton’s gave tech to Chinese in mid-90s, and why Chinese have backdoors to our military technology.

What happened in Asia (the virus in the news today), is when Trump was not impeached. That was one of globalists last tools.

37:10 China is trying to cut off our supplies (just like the globalist did in World War 2). It’s not going to work; we are energy efficient and have a ton of food. Yes, there will be run onto some hard times, and less trinkets on shelves at Walmart, but basic needs of American public will be okay.

Trump will use inflation to re-build American economy. He is building something like a new “Marshall” plan (the plan that was used to rebuild Europe after World War II).

We have been exporting our inflation; Trump will no use to rebuild road, bridges, factories… American will boom.

41:00 How do your bring the power to the people? Bring the currency to the people, and get rid of taxes (which is just slavery to the government).

Final war will be between nationalist currency, and globalist switch into “technocrats”, such as Elon Musk, CEO of ICE (Intercontinental Exchange).

43:45 They will use cryptos against Trump, and if he uses embraces technology, and “blockchains” Treasury currency and Treasury bonds, then that makes the system honest, not reliant on manipulation.

We are transitioning from an oil-based economy to one of energy.
Humans have always based their currency based on the lowest level of production (initially metal/gold, then petroleum, now at the energy level, we can create material with “pure energy”). The currency will be created at the energy level; a true currency has to have a creation cost.

47:00 World currencies are based on a value-added structure; initially gold, silver and metals – when industrial revolution was based on creating things out of metal. Then we transition into an oil-based global economy; and now to a pure electricity-based global economy, because we can get it cheaply. That’s why oil prices are dropping; because the economy is changing.

You don’t have to fly all over the world to have a meeting; you can work from home using your laptop. Metals didn’t go away when we moved to an oil-based economy, and oil won’t go away as we transition to an energy-based economy…. it will just have less value. BitCoin is based on energy, i.e. the miners and the “hash rate”. Why do you think companies building new crypto mining farms?

Welcome to the future my friends!
It won’t be easy, but you are going to be okay. Don’t freak out, that’s when bad things happen. But plan ahead, look to the future, not the past.

1980s was financialization of America, 2020s will be transition to FinTech and DeFi (Decentralized Finance).

52:15 Leaking rumors that “Ivan on Tech” may be partnering with Universities on training for blockchain. He has courses in BitCoin Ben’s links.

BitCoin Ben – Bites and Bombs – Bonds and President Trump Nationalizing the Federal Reserve

9:45 Issues with Steem Platform, original adopters are “whales” and hard for new comers to get traction on that site.

11:01 “GirlGoneCrypto” – did video today about it.

Was like Binance and Tron took over the blockchain using the number of Steem tokens they have, kind of like a “hostile takeover”. They used the voting algorithm to basically take over the blockchain. They did something, then people noticed, and they switched it back.

13:00 Are smartphone wallets safe, which ones?
Exodus, Loaf, Bread … make sure you write down your phrases.
Watch videos on “How to use xxxx Wallet”.

17:00 Federal Reserve Talk: Getting ready to drop the rates, maybe even negative. That will pump money and devalue existing currency.

Currency system is like plumbing and has various valves, and money flows into them to relieve pressure on currencies.

19:05 .50 base point cuts verified, meaning price of loaning money got cheaper; there will be a lot of refinancing; not enough to save the bond market. They will need a few 1 point cut…

Used to be same rates on 1 month, as 1 year, and 10 year or 30 year bond. When they are close, there is on reason to buy the longer term 30 bombs.

The 10 year bond is the important one, it sets the other interest rates, such as house, car loans, etc… Most home loans only go 7 years.

22:50 Trump wants 0% interest on Federal Reserve rate. Federal Reserve charter reserves every x years. When rate is at zero, it no longer has positive or negative influence on the overall market, and then Trump can use executive order to eliminate the Federal Reserve (nationalize it into the Treasury).

25:10 After 9/11, secret service was removed from the Treasury department, and was put under Homeland Security; Trump and Mnuchin (Secretary of the Treasury) want to move it back.

26:50 Anything dealing with money must originate in the House of Representatives (he said that’s why Obama Care is “illegal” because it originated in the Senate).

Original reason for Secret Service was to keep an eye on currency, not to protect the President.

Andrew Jackson is the only President showing in Trump’s oval office. Richard Nixon also loved Andrew Jackson.

30:00 Richard Nixon was actually trying to correct the system.
Back in that day we only had 5 TV channels, and they went off at midnight. The put out the story “they wanted to put out”.

Ronald Reagan also a fan of Andrew Jackson.

32:12 Trump’s inauguration speech – he is bringing power back to people. He mean bringing currency and structure of the federal government back to the structure of the constitution.
Under the constitution individual were not taxed; the federal government was funded by tariffs.
When running company on tariffs most important things is GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

36:35 For the last probably 15 years, we have had a trade deficit, we brought in more than we shipped out, and that goes into the GDP.

Trump created tax haven zones which include St Louis, Flint Michigan, areas around Chicago… thru tax incentives, they incentivize entrepreneurs to create industry in those areas, which have human capital but yet depressed areas.

42:00 talks about Bushes, JFK, Jack Ruby.
Landlord of Jack Ruby’s “club” was George Bush.

46:26 Back to Trump and interest rates to zero, should land right after the election. After he nationalizes the Fed, the globally elite will “lose their mind”. 1/2 of Elite in Iran just got the Cornoa (Covid19) Virus.